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Why Dan Online?

Out of all the webdesign firms out there, why choose Dan Online Webdesign? We specialize in the cool, the slightly unusual, the type of things that keep people coming back.

Take this site, for example. Every time you visit, one of four colors is picked and used for the navigation, graphics and links. The color now is (none). If you come back, you'll probably see a different one.

Another great thing about us is ease of use. With Dan Online Webdesign, you get a clean site that people don't have to spend hours trudging through. And take the "Print this page" link at the top of every page. The page will reformat itself to be printer-friendly, print, and then change back. It's little things like that that make or break a website.

Don't have a PR person to write all the text in your site for you? We'll gladly do that too. We can effectively communicate your message, as well as write enough BS to satisfy even the most text-hungry people. Communication is what the Web is really about. If you communicate well, people will listen. Dan Online Webdesign will make sure that people listen.


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