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What Do We Do?

We don't just give you a website. We give you more. When you use Dan Online Webdesign, you get a site built to your specifications. If it's possible, we'll do it. But you won't have to make all the descisions. We'll worry about making sure that it looks good and is easy to use.

We know what people like. If you want text that blinks through six different colors a second, and jiggles on screen, we can do it; but we'll tell you why that may not be what you really want (if you don't want people rushing for the back button, that is).

We'll maintain your site. You need a change in some text, maybe want a little more blue in the background, we'll change it; whether it's the day after the site is launched or three weeks after.

When you go with Dan Online Webdesign, you don't just get a website. You get a service that will build and maintain your web identity.


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